GNSS Receiver in a Secure Enclosure

Mission-critical navigation systems.
Year of release: 2007
Guaranteed service life (years): 3
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 6
Flight qualification of the product: No
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: No

Parameter Value
W*H*T 71*51*12 mm
Weight 50 g
Supply voltage 3.3±5% V
Operating temperature range -40 - +85 C°
Number of channels 16
Frequency range L1
Offline Accuracy, (GPS+GLONASS, HDOP<4): Plan, CEP 9 m
Offline accuracy, (GPS+GLONASS, HDOP<4): Plan, 2Drms 14 m
Offline Accuracy, (GPS+GLONASS, HDOP<4): Height, rms 25 m
Offline Accuracy, (GPS+GLONASS, HDOP<4): Speed, rms 0,1 m
Offline Accuracy, (GPS+GLONASS, HDOP<4): Time, rms 0,1 μs
Differential accuracy mode: by coordinates, CEP 1 m
Differential accuracy mode: in speed, 2Drms 0.03 m/s
Dynamics: speed 550 m/s
Dynamics: acceleration 2 m/s2
Time to first countdown: Hot start 10 s
Time to first countdown: Cold start 120 s
Time to first countdown: Warm start 30 s
Time to first countdown: Re-enter sync 1 s
1PPS 10 μs
Interfaces 2 ports RS-232E
Interfaces: Exchange rate 900 - 115200 bit/с
Differential corrections RTCM SC 104 V2.2
Differential Corrections: Exchange Rate 9600 bit/s
Output Coordinates, time, route, speed, almanacs and ephemerides, raw measuring information
Data formats ASCII NMEA 0183 v.2.30 binary format
Power consumption (typical) 0.65 W
Backup power, DC 1.5 - 3.3 V
Operating conditions: vibration, frequency 20 - 1000 Hz


The navigation receiver is designed to determine coordinates, speed and time. Comes in a protected case.

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