Asynchronous controlled electric motor

The asynchronous controlled electric motor is designed for automation systems, for example, for low-power drive in transformer remote transmissions of the angle of rotation with the use of selsins and rotating transformers. It is designed as a two-phase asynchronous motor with a hollow non-winding rotor. One of the phases is the excitation winding, the second is the control winding, which is fed a signal that sets the direction and speed of rotation. Asynchronous controlled electric motor meets the requirements of GOST RV 50726.4-94.
Year of release: 1976
Guaranteed service life (years): 8
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 5
Flight qualification of the product: -
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: -

Parameter Value
Height, mm 50
Diameter, mm 25
Mass, kg 0.075


The asynchronous controlled electric motor has a 2-phase supply voltage of 40 V, 1000 Hz; the speed of rotation is not less than 16000 rpm; the minimum operating time is 150 hours.

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