PCI Express Chip 1888 BB 018 A

Expanding the functionality of interface modules and devices by supporting the high-speed PCI Express standard.

Parameter Value
Type of shell МК8306-144-1
Supply voltage
I / O buffers – 1.8 V to 3.3 V;
cores: 1,25 V;
I / O blocks: 1,2 V;
clock generation circuits: 1,25 V;
level offset circuits and calibration circuits: 3,3 V
Dynamic current consumption for the power circuit
UDDD1: 3.5 mA;
UDDA2: 15 mA;
UDDD2: 320 mA;
UDDD3: 30 mA;
UDDA1: 85 mA;
UDD: 50 mA;
Working temperature, °C -60 +85
Technology CMOS 130 nm
Type of acceptance 5


The PCI Express physical interface device chip that supports the protocol and electrophysical interface requirements of the PCI Express ™ Base Specification Revision 1.1.

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