Capacitors K58-26

Maintaining operation of equipment when voltage drops occur; shutdown of equipment; a "bridge" when switching between power supplies; providing high discharge current in the equipment; rapid accumulation of electrical power and its output to the network; temporary power supply for equipment in autonomous mode; as energy storage device in difficult-to-reach and remote electronics; to improve reliability of operation of important equipment; may be used in combination with chemical and other power supplies.
Year of release: 2017
Guaranteed service life (years): -
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 2
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: No

Parameter Value
Rated voltage, V 2.7
Rated capacitance, F 1…100
ESR DC, mΩ 15…200
Leakage current, µA, 72 hours 15…200
Capacitance tolerance, % +50…-20; ±20
High environmental temperature, maximum value during operation, С 65
Low environmental temperature, minimum value during operation, C minus 50


- volume from 0,65 to 12,5m3;
- charge for a few seconds;
- maintenance-free, immunity to charge level, no memory effect, no chemical reactions.

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