Integrated Circuit 1879 ВМ8Y


- video processing;

- hydro and radar;

- 3D machine vision;

- neural networks;

- heterogeneous computing systems.

Parameter Value
Type of shell HFCBGA-1444
Supply voltage
cores – 0,9 V;
I / O buffers CMOS – 1,8 V;
I / O buffers DDR3 – 1,5 V
Dynamic current consumption
CMOS buffers: 3 A (UCC1 = 1.98 V);
DDR3 buffers: 3.8 A (UCC2 = 1.60 V);
cores: 26 A (UCC3 = 0.95 V)
Working temperature, °C -60 +85
Technology CMOS 28 nm
Type of acceptance 5
ARM Cortex A5 - 800 MHz
NMC4 - 1000 MHz


Integrated microcircuit 1879BM8Y is a universal platform focused on solving problems of processing large data streams in real time (digital signal processing, image processing, navigation, communication, emulation of neural networks, etc.).

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