Multicontroller 1888 BC 048

Designed to create small-sized integrated on-board information and control systems BIUS.

Parameter Value
Type of shell HFCBGA-676
Supply voltage
+3,3 V – for CMOS I / O buffers;
+0,9 V – core voltage;
+0,9 V – for PLLs and transceivers for PCIe and SGMII interfaces;
+1,35 V – supply voltage of DDR3 I / O buffers;
+1,8 V – general power for the analog part of the PCIe interface, power for the SGMII I / O buffers, and power for the temperature sensor
Supply current
Static Ucc2: 1000 mA (Ucc1 = 3.465 V, Ucc2 = 0.945 V);
Dynamic UCC2: 5000 mA (Ucc1 = 3.465 V, Ucc2 = 0.945 V, operating frequency)
Working temperature, °C -60 +85
Technology CMOS 28 nm
Type of acceptance 5
Cortex-A5 processor cores - 600 MHz;
reference frequency of the DDR3 RAM controller - up to 1066 MHz


Multicontroller interfaces BIUS CAN / MKIO / UART / GbE / ARINC-429 / GPIO / SPI with a system interface PCI Express 2.0 onboard information management systems.

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