Microwave p-i-n elements

Designed to work as devices for discrete control of the amplitude and phase of the transmitted signal in the modules of discrete phase shifters of of Active Electronically Scanned Array of space-based location and communication systems.
Year of release: 2013

Parameter Value
Operating frequency > 50 GHz
Capacity (Ureverse = 10 V, fizm = 1 MHz) 0,001-0,015 Petafarad
Forward loss resistance (при Idirect = 10 mА и fizm = (3-4) GHz) 5.0 ohms
Constant forward voltage (Idirect = 5 mА) 0.9-1.1 V
Reverse current (Ureverse = 30 V) 0.05-0.08 µA
Breakdown voltage (I reverse = 10 µA) > 50 V
The thickness of the semiconductor membrane 5 – 20 µm


Uncased microwave p-i-n elements switching p-i-n elements with beam terminals based on thin semiconductor and dielectric membranes with an operating frequency of up to 50 GHz.


Application areas:

- Aviation

- Space

- Radio engineering, electronics, microelectronics

- Civil industries

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