Complex IVK-M

To provide comprehensive ground-based electrical tests of the spacecraft and verify the operability of its individual systems at the manufacturer of the product and in the operating organization.
Year of release: 2019
Guaranteed service life (years): 10
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 12
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Да

Parameter Value
Galvanic isolation of the test product from the complex Opto-relay
Universal Communication Interfaces Ethernet, RS 232/422/485,
The issuance of discrete contact and contactless signals. Number of signals 334
Issuing matrix commands 15 х 16, 3 х 20
Reception of discrete impulse and on-off signals 324
Poll Dry Matrix 16 words of 8 digits
DC voltage measurement. Number of channels 18
Temperature Sensor Monitoring 3 inputs, (1 - 50) ° С
Entering and processing telemetric information Yes
Monitoring the insulation resistance of power lines under voltage. Number of channels 2
Spacecraft supply voltage 27 V, 5 A
DC simulation of solar cells 20 channels 3.6 A, 10 channels 3.0 A, Uxx ≤ 60V
Constant Software Variable Voltage 24 V to 37 V
DC currents varying within 1 channel (0 - 7) A, 1 channel (0 - 14), Uxx ≤ 60V
Uninterruptible power supplies for the correct completion of the test program in the event of a power failure IBP
Software QNX, Windows, Microsoft Office, special software for preparing and executing test programs, test software
Spare parts all replaceable devices


IVK-M is based on industrial computers, Knurr, Shroff constructs, TDK-Lambda power supplies, and domestic devices. Galvanic isolation of the tested product from the complex. Spare parts for all replaceable devices.

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