Satellite Multiband Imaging System

The system is designed for an optoelectronic survey of the earth and water surface in three spectral bands of visible and near-IR of electromagnetic waves spectrum.
Year of release: 2012
Guaranteed service life (years): 5 (LEO)
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 24
Flight qualification of the product: Yes
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Images' spatial resolution from a height of 830 km 50 m
Number of spectral zones 3
Spectral bands 0,520 – 0,590 mkm; 0,640 – 0,690 mkm; 0,785 – 0,900 mkm
Image dynamic range 72 dB
Number of quantization digits 10
Data rate 2 x 30,72 mbps
Weight 2 x 7 kg
Power consumption 2 x 15 W
Swath width 2 х 500 km


Satellite multiband imaging system consist of two identical multispectral camera devices made in the form of separate structural units.

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