Monopropellant Tank with Stiff-Plastic Separation Device (Diaphragm)

Phobos Sample Return Mission - International Program: Return Spacecraft Propulsion System.
Year of release: 2011
Flight qualification of the product:
Letter "O", flight use
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Propellant UDMH, NTO
Operating Pressure, not over 1.67 MPa
Mass 5.2 kg
Volume of Propellant Compartment 30.8 dm³
Unused Propellant Residue after Expulsions, not over 0.65 dm³
Allowable Helium Leak during Leakage Test, l·μm of He /s, not over 1 · 10ˉ³
Allowable Leak Rate throughout Service Life, l·μm of He /s, not over 2.33 · 10ˉ²
Inner Compartment Cleanness Russia State Standard GOST 17216, Class 5
Guaranteed Service Life 15 years


Propellant storage and feed to liquid propellant thrusters.

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