Cool Gas Thruster

KOSMOS and RESURS-DК spacecraft
Flight qualification of the product:
Letter "O", flight use
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Working medium helium/nitrogen
Nominal Thrust 0.733/0.819 N
Nominal Specific Impulse, Steady State 1657.9/716.1 m/s
Nominal Inlet Pressure 1.765 MPa
Inlet Operating Pressure 1.47…1.96 MPa
Total Firing Time, up to 10,000 s
Cycle Life, Number of Starts-up, up to 80,000
Nozzle Expansion Ratio 64
Operating Voltage 27 V
Mass, not over 0.105 kg


Formation of multiple impulses for precise orientation of spacecraft in response to control system triggering commands. Design features: - Small size and mass.

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