Low Power Stationary Plasma Thruster

Spacecraft (S/C) station keeping.
Year of release: 2009
Guaranteed service life (years):
1000 hours 2000 включений
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 10
Flight qualification of the product: No
Brief history of flight qualification: None
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Discharge power 200/250 W
Discharge voltage 200/250 V
Discharge current 1.0 A
Thrust 11.9/14.9 mN
Specific impulse 1000/1200 s
Efficiency 29/35%
Specific power 181.8/227.3W/kg
Power-to-thrust ratio 16.8 W/mN
Total impulse > 0.04/0.05 MN∙s
Mass 1.1 kg


Plasma thruster. Propellant - xenon. Consists of the anode and cathode units. With hollow cathode. Development status – engineering model. Mean diameter of the accelerating channel is 34 mm. New structural materials and components.


Manufacturing lead time is given without taking into account the time needed to procure materials (4 months) and procured parts and components (6 months).

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