Mechanical Unit of Antenna Pointing System. Type 2

Provides rotation of the mounting plane for antenna relative to the mounting plane of the antenna pointing system control module in two mutually perpendicular planes.
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 6

Parameter Value
Rotation angle for each axis, ° ± 25
Slew rate, °/min 0.009- 7.1
Measurement error of the rotation angle for each axis, arcsec, not exceeding 90
Developed torque for each axis, N·m, not less than 30
Load inertia moment, kg·m2, not exceeding 3
Self-braking torque in a de-energized state of the electric motors for each axis, N·m, not less than 4
Operating temperature range, °С -50 to +50
Operational life defined by hours, not less than 44000
Active lifetime, years 10
Overall guaranteed lifetime, years 14


Two-degree-of-freedom electromechanical drive for antenna pointing.

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