Solar Array Drive Mechanism. Type 1

Rotation of solar array wings at the specified rate; electrical power transmission for control and telemetry signals; shaping and generating signals of the output shaft rotation angle.
Year of release: 2010
Guaranteed service life (years): 15.25
Estimated production / delivery time (months): 12
Flight qualification of the product: Yes
Brief history of flight qualification:
Express-АМ5, Express-АМ6.
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Output shaft rotation rate,deg/min 0-16
Angle measurement error, not exceeding, ° 3
Total current of power current-collecting devices, A 280
Number of power supply circuits, units 20 (7 А) 5 (28 А)
Overall dimensions, mm 210 х 230 х 275
Number of telemetry circuits, units 22
Operational life defined by hours, not less than 140000
Mass, kg 5.3


Electromechanical solar array drive mechanism.


Operating regime: continuous rotation.

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