Universal Upper Stage "Fregat"

Design and manufacture of upper stage for use as the 3rd stage of the launch vehicle and launch vehicles loading into various satellites orbits.
Flight qualification of the product: Yes
Brief history of flight qualification:
Upper stage "Fregat", upper stage "Fregat-MT", upper stage "Fregat - SB".
Possibility to adapt the product to customer requirements: Yes

Parameter Value
Initial mass with maximum dressing, kg 6235/7640/11680
Final weight, kg 945/1035/1080
Dimensions: height / diameter mm 1875/3440 1945/3800 2435/3875
Fuel components: oxidizer / fuel AT / UDMH
Maximum working fuel reserve / full refueling, kg 5235/5307 6550/6650 10140/10330
MDU thrust: BT / MT mode, kgf 2030±100/1420±150 2030±100/1420±150 2030±100/1420±150
Specific impulse: BT / MT mode, s 333,2/320
Maximum numberMD inclusions 7


In accordance with the specification of the customer. On the basis of the basic upper stage "Fregat" a number of highly efficient booster blocks have been created.


The use of additional fuel tanks and a dropable block of tanks (upper stage "Fregat-MT" and upper stage "Fregat-SB") at upper stage "Fregat" allowed to significantly increase the mass of refueling and, thereby, increase the efficiency of the upper stage.

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